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2018 WS Calendar front cover

The 2018 Walmsley Calendar features "Ulric's Bay" and includes many of Ulric Walmsley's wonderful evocative paintings of Robin Hood's Bay, painted from various locations and settings.

The calendar has been compiled by Sean Walmsley and it includes some Ulric postcard views which featured in our latest publication,

Robin Hood's Bay to Staithes – The Postcard Paintings of J. Ulric Walmsley.

The paintings are from private collections and the owners have granted permission for their use.

The calendar is again produced in A4 size (8.3 x 11.7 inches) and the cover shows a "thumbnail" of each painting together with a photo of Ulric at his easel.

This lovely reminder of Ulric's Robin Hood's Bay was offered to UK members at last year's price of just £8.50 for a single calendar, to include postage and packing. We were also repeating last year's offer of £7.50 each for 2 - 5 calendars and £6.50 each for 6+ calendars.

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